Installations, slides, 2012, variable dimensions At first glance, the collection of pictures of the island of Guam offers, through these mountainous and desert oceanbed-scapes, a happy and melancholic…

The Possibles

Installation, furniture, drawings, wood, 2012, variable dimensions The Possibles is a series of wooden reproductions of the different geometric shapes of dice used in games, some for thousands…

Anmerkungen uber die baukunst der alten

Anmerkungen uber die baukunst der alten, 2010, Carpet, 200 x 252cm


Installation, photograph, wood, 2012, variable dimensions « I wish I could tell you about the South Pacific”―such are the opening words of the series of short stories titled Tales…


Installation, pictures, 2009 , variable dimensions.  


Installation, books, 2011, variable dimensions.  


Installation, drawing, wood, acryl, 2009, variable dimensions.  

The Library

Installation, wood, 2010, variable dimensions


Versailles, 200 m²,  Versailles floor pattern, engraving, 2009.