Reconstructed landscape of Guam island on slides, 2012. At first glance, the collection of pictures of the island of Guam offers, through these mountainous and desert oceanbed-scapes, a happy and…

The Possibles

Reproduction of geometric shapes of dice used to make choices, displayed on a table at different levels, wood, 2012. The Possibles is a series of wooden reproductions of the different…


Replica from image of the 16 visible adirondacks displayed on a aircraft carrier to watch an atomic bomb explosion in the pacific (1951), wood and print, 2012. « I wish I…


Reconstruction of a surrounding landscape (pixel per pixel) from a close up image showing  one piece of Challenger spacecraft grounded  on Cocoa Beach, Florida, ten years after the disaster (1986),…


Installation, books, 2011, variable dimensions.  


Installation, drawing, wood, acryl, 2009, variable dimensions.  

The Library

Installation, wood, 2010, variable dimensions


Versailles, 200 m²,  Versailles floor pattern, engraving, 2009.